There are many different conditions that can affect the retina, the thin membrane of light-sensing tissue in the back of your eye. Retinal conditions can severely compromise your vision.

Our doctors are among the top specialists in the Monroe, LA region that provide treatment for advanced retinal diseases. Dr. Joseph Barron is a fellowship-trained retinal specialists and utilize the latest technology to diagnose and treat these complex conditions. Their expertise can help restore lost vision and improve your quality of life. Contact The Eye Clinic of Monroe to schedule an appointment with our compassionate, knowledgeable specialists.

The retinal specialists at The Eye Clinic of Monroe take pride in restoring vision to those with complicated retinal conditions.

Retinal Conditions Treated

Detailed illustration of the retina.Your retina is a delicate neural tissue located at the back of your eye. This tissue is critical to transferring light signals to your brain. When your retina is injured, it cannot receive or transmit these signals properly and can cause a decline in your vision.

Some of the common retinal conditions that we treat include:

  • Macular degeneration: The center of your retina is known as the macula. As you age, these tissues can begin to degenerate and cause gradual decline of your central vision. For some, an abnormal blood vessel can grow into the retina and leak fluid. This form of the condition, called wet macular degeneration, is typically treated with injections of medication into the eye.
  • Diabetic retinopathy: Diabetes causes abnormal elevations in blood sugar, which over time can weaken the walls of the blood vessels in the retina. This can lead to leakage of fluid into the retina and/or abnormal blood vessel growth. These complications may be treated with injections of medication in the eye, laser treatment administered in the office, or surgery in advanced cases.
  • Retinal tears: As part of the normal aging process, the vitreous gel that fills the inside of the eye separates away from the retina. If it pulls too hard on the retina, it can cause a tear in the retina. A tear puts you at risk of developing a retinal detachment, which can cause significant vision loss. Tears may be treated with a specialized laser in the office to prevent a retinal detachment before it develops.
  • Retinal detachment: For various reasons, the retina can separate from the back wall of the eye. It may cause severe impairment of your vision in the areas that it has separated. It usually requires surgery to repair, sometimes urgently.
  • Retinal vein occlusion: The blood vessels in the retina may become blocked and cause leakage of blood and/or fluid into the retina. There are various reasons for the blockage, most commonly high blood pressure. It may be treated with injections of medication in the eye or laser treatment.
  • Macular pucker: Scar tissue can form on your retina as part of the aging process. It can pull on the retina and distort your vision. This can be treated with surgery.

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